Intelligent Platform for Oil and Gas Field Facilities Automated Conceptual Design

Facility Modeling, Field Infrastructure Calculation, Investment Cost Optimization
Tools for Addressing Your Technical Needs
Leverage our convenient toolset to optimize your field development planning efficiency
• Engage with an interactive environment tailored for digital models creation and editing.
• Work simultaneously with multiple models
• Creation of a dynamic model for phased field development
• Benefit from robust support for prevalent mapping and elevation services.
• Built-in database of infrastructure objects
• Loading vector layers in various coordinate systems
• Leverage tools for bulk property editing
• Analyze the results on the map, hydraulic graph, and in pivot tables
• Harness the power of automatic data validation checks
• Seamlessly work with a multitude measurement units

Digital Model Constructor
• Achieve the global optimum by conducting comprehensive simultaneous multivariate optimization processes that encompass clustering, drilling, and pipe network layout.
• Optimizing the development of new and existing fields
• Determining well trajectories based on geological objectives, considering drilling constraints and risks
• Determining the number and locations of wellpads, considering drilling and facility costs
• Fine-tune network pipeline topology, carefully considering the installation-associated costs
• Accounting for cost constraint models (maps of cost coefficients and restricted zones)
• Selecting optimal pipeline diameters based on required throughput capacity

Comprehensive optimization
• Accounting for PVT properties based on a compositional model and black oil model
• Rely on robust support for fundamental hydraulic correlations, including: Beggs-Brill, Mukherjee-Brill, Xiao, Orkiszewski, Aziz Govier Fogarasi, etc.
• Accommodate field equipment, such as pumps, fittings, separators, and more
• Perform calculations for gas assets
• Effectively model cyclic network topologies and accommodate multiple outlets
• Pipeline network modeling for reservoir pressure maintenance
• Solve complex integrated modeling tasks with ease
• Analysis of challenge nodes and complication risks
• Automated adaptation of gathering network parameters to actual data

Hydraulic Calculation
• Execute voltage drop calculations on transmission lines using a nodal potentials approach
• Consider various types of substations to optimize your electrical network
• Calculate both absolute and relative voltage drops across objects
• Benefit from automatic voltage class determination for your transmission lines
• Effortlessly access a built-in database of transformers and cable types
• Automatically determine power consumption based on production data, enhancing precision in your electrical network calculations

Electricity Supply Network Calculation
• Benefit from the automated capital expenditure calculation
• Effortlessly load and create customized cost maps and restricted zones
• Account for drilling, wellpad construction, pipeline network construction, and electrical supply costs
• Automatically create financial and economic models for assets

• Bulk import parameters for facility objects in any format you prefer
• Effortless conversion of Pipesim Simulator projects
• Tailor solutions to fit your corporate data storage systems
• Work seamlessly with data from hydrodynamic simulators
• Expand your facility object information database

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successful facility reconstructions designed
confirmed capital cost savings
commercial licenses
Create a network, massively edit the properties of objects
to optimize time and investment costs
Automatic construction of a infrastructure digital technical and economic model
Swift, precise calculation of multiphase flow parameters for various dates
Voltage loss calculation with dynamic load adjustment
Support for various operating systems (Windows / Linux)
Automatic selection of optimal infrastructure object locations
Integrated hydraulics and electrical networks modeling
Constantly operating multivariate digital asset development model
High-performance algorithms with distributed computing support
A unified technology and economic planning platform
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